The best way to reach me is by email at

Please include the answers to these questions if possible:

What kind of writing do you need? Are you looking for help with website content, blogging, sales letters or something else?

What’s the scope of your project? Is it a series of blog posts, an article, a review or sales letter?

What’s your deadline?  Please contact me as early as possible.

Once we’ve determined that your needs and my abilities and availability are a match, the next step would be to arrange a telephone or Skype conversation to go over your project in more detail. I can provide a quote for your project after I know the scope and requirements. By requirements I mean the amount of research needed, whether or not I will need to conduct any interviews or attend meetings, etc.

To start, simply send me an email and tell me the type of writing you need, the scope of your project, and your deadline. Every client and project is different. I’m extremely flexible and accustomed to figuring out how I can best contribute to help you meet your writing and content needs.

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I look forward to working with you!